On our journey we have made some incredible friends within the industry. We class these brilliant companies and people as partners and after using their products we are happy to recommend their businesses to you

Gundog App

I am incredibly proud to be an ambassador for the Gundog App.

Everything you need to know to train a Gundog broken down into over 300 manageable training lessons on their mobile app,

All their training is based on proven techniques that have been put to the test by pet Gundogs and Championship-winning dogs alike.

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Axel’s Elixir

We absolutely love Axel’s Elixir. My dogs train incredibly hard and need to keep hydrated, these bone broth bones ensure they get all the nourishment they need when it matters most

you can use my code SEVERN10 to save on your orders

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Sporting Saint

I love this store, everything you need to train your dog is available here. They also stock all of my favourite products endorsed and created by Ben Randall of Beggarbush Gundogs

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Wilsons Pet Food

My food of choice for our working dogs and puppies. We start all our puppies on Wilson’s raw as soon as they arrive and my dogs continue on this raw diet with the addition of Wilson’s cold pressed working dog pellets to top them up over the harder working Winter months. We absolutely love Wilson’s

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Anco Dog Treats

What dog doesn’t enjoy a good chew? We love giving our dogs chews to help relax them and clean their teeth

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My dogs are on PureFlax from the day they arrive. PureFlax Oil for dogs is grown, harvested, cold pressed and bottled on the PureFlax Farm near Wetherby. Field to bottle in 400 yards, 100% natural and fully sustainable.

PureFlax Advanced Dog Formula has the perfect balance of premium grade linseed, turmeric & black pepper. Milled, blended, packed and shipped from the PureFlax farm in Yorkshire.

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