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Name: Gingerfox Firecrest of Severncrest

DOB: 17 June 2022

Sex: Dog

Colour: Deep shade of Fox Red

Health Tests:

Eyes Clear - 12 May 2023 (tested annually)

DNA Clear - CNM, MCD, prcd-PRA, SD2, STGD, HNPK, EIC

Hips - 4/4

Elbows - 0/0

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Hudson has a fantastic temperament, very kind and soft natured however resilient enough to handle the stresses of training and working. He is a tall, athletic and incredibly strong Labrador

He is the most trainable dog I have ever worked with where nothing I ask of him is too much, everything comes naturally and is easy to him.

Hudson is a fast hunting dog, getting his nose down immediately however he is also extremely responsive and easy to handle and train. A fantastic water retriever and steady as a rock. He will sit to shot and is a natural carrier with dummies and game, picking up anything in front of him be that dummies, fur or feather

Hudson has started his competition career, placing 3rd in his first test at only 10 months old. He has since spent the 2023 test season competing gaining 4 wins and 5 placings

Hudson is proven in competition, in the field working picking up game as well as the most loving family petĀ 

Stud contract provided. Stud service ensures two matingsĀ 


Name: Beggarbush North of Severncrest

DOB: 1 May 2023

Sex: Dog

Health Tests:

Eyes Clear - 06 March 2024

DNA Hereditary Clear - SD2, STGD, EIC, prcd-PRA, CNM, HNPK

Hips 0/0

Elbows 0/0

Harris is incredibly talented. He is a fast and stylish dog that hunts like an absolute machine. He never misses a mark and is proving to be a really exciting future competition prospect. Harris has placed twice in two working tests in 2024 and will work his first full season this year on game


Name: Willow the Fluffy Wisp of Severncrest

DOB: 17 October 2021

Sex: Bitch

Colour: Black

Harley is a small labrador with a massive heart. She will work her socks off for me and pick up anything I ask of her.

Harley was not the easiest of dogs to train as I only acquired Harley when she was 16 weeks old. My first job was getting her exposed to the world around her which she struggled with at first however with commitment and consistency she has turned into a well rounded, balanced dog that loves to work.

Harley will work the season picking up birds and help with raising our puppies due to her incredibly calm nature