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With over 20 years experience working and training dogs. We offer a fun and friendly environment where all breeds and ages are welcome

“Dogs do speak but only to those that listen” Orham Panuk


I am excited to welcome you to my blog, where I'll be sharing all stories and experiences from our life and journey to all sorts of tips, tricks, and advice on how to give your dog the happiest, healthiest life possible.

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  • Our Dogs

    I would never have achieved what I have in this life without my dogs. I have had the privledge of working with some exceptional dogs over the years, big and small who all stole my heart. Here is my current team

  • About Us

    We all have a story of how to came to where we are today, this is my story

  • Partners

    On our journey we have made some incredible friends within the industry. We class these brilliant companies and people as partners and after using their products we are happy to recommend their businesses to you 


"The bond between a hunter and his dog can't be described, but only felt"

Steve reider

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