Severncrest Gundogs is commited to providing honest, in-depth training for your gundog or pet dog

Located in a small village inbetween Cheltenham and Gloucester we are
conveniently situated to service most of Gloucestershire and further afield. With access to multiple training grounds, secure fields and water we offer a wide variety of different training scenarios to suit all types of dog & owner combination.

Severncrest Gundogs offer training with an emphasis on rewarding correct behaviour and offering guidance in every step of your training journey.
With continued practice and support from us, you'll be able to develop communication with your dog that is mutually beneficial and build a strong relationship based on trust, respect, and confidence.

At Severncrest Gundogs our training services are tailored to meet the individual needs of your dog. We understand that training may involve a variety of techniques and strategies and we believe that having an open dialogue with our clients ensures the best outcome for their dogs. Through training with consistency and patience we provide training that is fun, educational and rewarding for both dog and owner alike. We strive to help you achieve your goals while maintaining balance and trust between you and your dog.

Overall, gundog training can be a rewarding and fun experience for both you and your dog.
With patience and consistency you can train your dog to be a loyal and skilled companion.


Our Services

we believe that no one size fits all, every dog is different and our training will reflect that

1-2-1 Training

One to one training lessons are individualised sessions between the dog owner and me. I will help you to better understand your dogs behaviour by providing personalised training guidance. The sessions will typically include teaching training techniques and looking at options to correct any issues that may be present. One to one lessons are tailored to the specific needs of you and your dog

Home Visits

On occasion there will be a need to assess your dog in their home, a familiar setting where they will feel more relaxed.

I will come to your home and work with you and your dog to address any issues that your dog may have. I will then create a personalised training plan suited to your dogs individual needs.

Puppy Preparation & Training

Getting a new puppy is a very exciting experience but ensuring the foundations are set up correctly for your new puppy will set you and your dog up for future success.

We will help you get your home ready for your new puppy, talk you through what to expect and how to get through the first few weeks and beyond. Puppy preparation is essential in ensuring a smooth transition into your home and helping others within the home to welcome your new puppy with no issues.

Gundog Training

Gundog training is where you train your dog to prepare them to work in the field or in working tests and field trials.

Working with your dogs natual instincts gundog training is not just for working dogs but also a great breed specific way to provide stimulation and exercise.

Gundog training can be a fun activity for both dogs and owners

Board & Train (Residential)

Board and train or as others might call it, residential is a type of professional dog training programme where your dog will stay in my home for a period of time. During this time I will work with your dog as if it were my own, along with the rest of the team as well as individually. This is an intensive programme that will be personalised to suit the individual needs of you and your dog