Keeping your dog safe at Christmas

Keeping your dog safe at Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching, and while planning and prepping for the holiday season, we must keep in mind the safety of our furry friends. Christmas can be a dangerous time for our pets as the excitement and festivities can lead to potentially hazardous situations. As much as we want our dogs to join in on the fun, it is important to keep them away from certain foods and items to avoid any unnecessary illness or injury

1. Rawhide

Rawhide is a common treat that many owners give to dogs to keep them entertained, you see it everywhere, in pet stores and pet friendly Christmas stockings however it is essential to keep rawhide away from our dogs. One of the biggest issues with rawhide is that it can easily lead to digestive problems, mainly because pieces can break off and get stuck in your dog’s digestive tract. When dogs chew on rawhide, it can become soft and slippery when wet, making it easy for them to swallow pieces that could be too large to pass through their digestive system. This could lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and even blockages in the intestines. In severe cases, the obstruction can require surgery, which can be both stressful and painful for your dog. Instead, opt for natural chews or long-lasting chew toys that can keep your dog entertained without putting their health at risk.

2. Mince Pies

The holidays offer plenty of delicious food and it is tempting to give our dogs some of our Christmas treats. However, mince pies are a staple dessert during this time and it is important to know that they are toxic to dogs as they contain raisins, sultanas, and currants. These ingredients can cause kidney failure, lethargy, and vomiting. Ensure that your dog never has access to any mince pies and let your guests know to keep their Christmas treats away from your dogs.

3. Prepare Your Dog for Christmas

The build-up to Christmas day can be overwhelming for our pets. The constant noise, guests, and new smells can overstimulate them and cause anxiety. A great way to ensure a stress-free holiday season for your dog is by preparing them in advance. Introduce your dog to new sensory experiences before Christmas day, such as having guests over and playing Christmas music, so they can adapt and feel comfortable with the new routine.

4. Safe Food for Dogs

While there are plenty of food items to avoid, there are also safe food options that you can treat your dogs to. Turkey is a fantastic source of protein for dogs. However, always make sure it is cooked thoroughly and all bones are removed. Vegetables, like carrots and sweet potato are also a great addition to your dog's diet as long as they are free from additives like garlic and onions.

5. Settle Time for Dogs

After all the excitement of Christmas day, it is important to create calm and relaxing moments for your dog to settle down. Provide your dog with a quiet space that they can retreat to and rest when they feel overwhelmed by the festivities. Additionally, you can offer a warm bed, calming music and familiar scents to soothe them.

In conclusion, Christmas is a joyous and merry time for us all but as dog owners, we must ensure the safety of our dogs at all times. Avoid giving your dogs any toxic foods, create a Christmas plan that includes calming moments for your dog and introduce them to any new experiences in advance. With proper preparation you can have an enjoyable and safe Christmas holiday with your dog

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